Is Composting For Me?

Waste at Work

If your business generates food scraps or other organic waste, then you are a perfect candidate for composting and Food Waste Disposal can customize a solution for you. Since food waste is already thrown away, it only takes a little education, desire, and the right bins in order to start diverting this nutrient rich waste product from the landfill and into the compost pile.

Food Waste Disposal will supply your business with the appropriate size bins, typically 64 gallon roll carts, and collect them three times per week. For larger generators, 2 yard rolling dumpsters are also an option. Then, we will conduct an educational session with all of your staff to show them how easy and rewarding it can be to separate food and organic waste from traditional trash.

Contact us now to learn how we can immediately reduce your traditional waste expenses while you show your staff, customers, and community your commitment to sustainable practices.